About the social networking sites I participate in

●About the social networking sites I participate in

I mainly use pixiv and fantia, but I also update the following SNS. However, fantia has the best illustrations.

In Japan, there is a law that genitals must be hidden. If a Japanese person posts on a foreign social networking site, he/she risks being charged with a crime. I conceal my genitals on all sites. Please understand.

My cartoons contain extreme content. The content will be deleted in some countries. Japan is the place where I can draw my manga most freely. That’s why I post full versions on the Japanese services fantia and pixiv. If you can register, please do so. All my works are there and I recommend it.


Here are the links to the social networking sites I am registered with. Instagram, twitter, and tumblr have been stopped for various reasons. Will not resume.

I started “newgrounds” after hearing that it is a portal site with many NSFW works and game derivative works.

In “NG” I post my Skullgirls secondary manga and latest illustrations.

I’m submitting a Skullgirls comic.

dA is submitting samples only.

There is a link in the Links section.


The user name for gelbooru and rule34 is nouskjp. The posts on nouskjp are my own. Otherwise they are reposts I do not want.

I would like you to see my pixiv and fantia instead of these forums as much as possible. The full version is there.
Please take a look at my posts. Reposts may be altered in ways I don’t want them to be and I may not want to acknowledge them as my work.

You can look at any site you like. However, I do not speak a word of English. Therefore, translation takes time and there are many mistranslations. If I reply to all of them, I will not have time to draw manga, so I only reply to fantia and pixiv. Please understand.

4/29 Postscript
I started reddit.


●About the Skullgirls Derivative Manga.

ReginaMundi summary page

pixivTag:パラ母 NGTag: regina-mundi

●Synopsis of “ReginaMundi”
Parasoul, the princess of the Canopy Kingdom, is a hermaphrodite. In the past, she impregnated her own mother. As a result, her younger sister, Umbrella, was born. Parasoul’s beloved mother has become an enemy of humanity. As adults, Parasoul and Valentine plan to overthrow the witch who is the source of the problem. This is a love-hate story of “FutaYuri Incest,” a derivative work of “Skullgirls”.

All English translations are automatic translations by deepL. The author does not understand English.

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