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Although it is a secondary work, it is a manga that can be read by both those who know the original work and those who do not. The doujinshi is a book version of the web manga, and it is sold out. Also, the PDF version sold at booths and fantia was updated on October 10, 2021 to add an English translation version. Please re-download it.
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ArcR Futanari Yuri Comic 蜜蜂と仇花-Bees and fruitless flowers-
日本語版はこちら https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/73936833
●First part of the comic
Sania, the hermaphroditic former princess of Millmana, and Sarah, the vigilante captain, are lovers.The hermaphroditic princess is revered as a god in the old faith. As a divine duty, Sania shares her wedding night with brides from all over the country.
Although she is deeply in love with Sania, Sarah, who is from abroad, finds this custom difficult to accept.

●About the auto-translated version of the manga
I don’t speak English. Therefore, I use automatic translation.
In the process of auto-translation, I have changed it into simple Japanese that is easy to translate.
I have omitted or rephrased detailed psychological descriptions peculiar to Japanese that cannot be automatically translated.
It is not a natural spoken language. There may be some mistranslations.

I regret that at present, I can only provide an incomplete automatic translation to English-speaking readers.
However, I have decided that it is better to have an automatically translated version than to have only a Japanese version.
I translated this manga because I want everyone who likes Futanari in English-speaking countries to be able to read it.
I can’t translate all manga. I will not have time to write new works.

It takes a lot of work to make a translated version, so your response is my motivation.
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Thank you very much for reading!

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