【freePDF】スカルガ好きキャラでinktober2022 inktober2022 illustrations(nouskjp My Works) [Skullgirls]


B5/34頁PDF データ版のみ。配布はfantiaで行ってます



inktober2022 illustrations(nouskjp My Works) [Skullgirls]
B5 size, 34 pages PDF data Data version only. No book version. freePDF

I drew this work in inktober2022. I drew my favorite characters from Skullgirls.
Parasoul, Queen Nancy, and Valentine. The relationship between each character and Parasoul as a child who resembles my father is my fantasy. This work is for all ages. However, I am an NSFW doujin artist. Please be careful when browsing my pixiv and other sites.