Explanatory note that I am not a shipper but a hobby NSFW artist

Explanatory note that I am not a shipper but a hobby NSFW artist

I think I have mistranslated English in the past. That is why I wrote this text.

I am not a Shipper, I am a hobby artist who draws NSFW manga. I will not argue here with people who abuse and harass me because my NSFW manga is different from the Ship they like.

I am drawing a Skullgirls NSFW manga. The manga includes my fantasy that I wish these girls were in a romantic relationship.

However, I have no desire to promote my Ship as a Parasoul or Valentine’s Shipper. Of course I have no intention to attack those who draw different Ships than mine.

I am a character lover and I just want people who like my NSFW comics to read my comics and enjoy them if they like. I am happy and encouraged when people read my comics and enjoy them as comics.

So I have no desire to proselytize my SHIP.

I do not deny shippers who want to spread their own SHIP. But understand that I am not shipper.

Dear Shippers. I am not your competitor. I am not negating your SHIP. I just don’t respond if I don’t like your art, even if we like the same characters.

My manga does have a “ship” element to it, but I am not a shipper.

I am no longer willing to interact on social media with shippers who argue that my NSFW cartoons should be in line with their SHIP.

I don’t want to spend my time in discussions that I don’t find interesting. I want to spend that time doing creative work.

If I feel that you guys are harassing me too much, I will block you. In other words, even if you like my manga, I will refuse to interact with you.

If you are a shipper but do not treat me as a shipper I can interact with you.

This is one of the reasons I have been ill and delayed in writing the comic. So I have explained it again here.

If you like my manga, I hope you will understand. Thanks for reading.