Young futanari Parasoul

Young futanari Parasoul JKふたパラソくん。軍服版。





Since I cannot express my feelings in English after reading this announcement, let me say my resolution.
I will not change the fact that I am a fan of Queen Nancy and Parasoul. However, I will not be able to draw new Skullgirls all ages fan art from now on. Please only follow me if you like my NSFW art.

This Parasoul in uniform is also the costume used in the NSFW manga.This MANGA will resume next month. Illustrations of Parasoul dressed in this manner will henceforth be tagged “パラ母”. If you do not like it, please do a negative search.

I will not erase or change the settings of any NSFW art I have drawn. If you don’t like it, please unfollow me on social networking sites. I don’t speak English so I can’t explain my feelings to you. But as a Japanese lesbian, I cannot change my decision.